9 creative photo ideas to try in June 2013

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    04 Shoot creative flower portraits

    04 Shoot creative flower portraits

    Why not buy a range of exotic blooms and try a more contemporary flower photography approach in your own home?

    Professional flower photographer Andy Small has built a successful business producing fresh, fine-art floral images, and his technique is simple.

    “My images are shot using natural backlight, with white card acting as a reflector to lighten up the shadows. If you’re looking to shoot more contemporary and fine-art images, keep the photo composition clean and graphic – not cluttered with distractions.”

    Although you don’t have to use a macro lens (many zooms will focus close enough to give you near frame-filling images with large plants), these specialist optics are optimised for close-ups and will give sharp results.

    Use a tripod, a remote release and low ISO setting to make the most of their potential quality.

    Get started today…
    * Buy a range of A4 and A3 coloured card 
and use this to provide contrasting backdrops.
    * Plain white card or wrinkled kitchen foil make cheap reflectors.
    * Set up your macro home studio near a window, and wait for bright overcast days.
    * Use Live View’s magnification feature and manual focus the lens for sharp pictures.
    * Shoot in raw and experiment with colour treatments in Photoshop.

    PAGE 1: Shoot a multiple exposure portrait
    PAGE 2: Shoot a county show
    PAGE 3: Shoot a wider street view
    PAGE 4: Shoot creative flower portraits
    PAGE 5: Shoot a forced perspective effect
    PAGE 6: Shoot ‘uninspiring’ subjects
    PAGE 7: Shoot sparkling dew
    PAGE 8: Shoot a muted colour palette
    PAGE 9: Shoot creative wide-angle views


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