9 creative photo ideas to try in June 2013

9 creative photo ideas to try in June 2013

03 Shoot a wider street view

03 Shoot a wider street view

Street photography requires a great sense of timing and a keen eye for detail and contrasts. But don’t feel that you need to rush around trying to hunt out the ‘decisive moment’ – find the right location and let the action come to you.

“I mainly look for large spaces,” reveals Jean-Marc Caracci, who has spent years travelling around Europe’s conurbations for a major street photography project.

“They also have to have some interesting forms and architecture which I can use to integrate with a character, a lonely individual, generally walking in the street.

“The main quality for a street photographer is patience and the main rule is walking, walking, walking and observing.

Sometimes you find the right place, but the light is bad… so you estimate at what time the sun will be at the right position for making the photo, and you come back the day after.

If it is cloudy the day after, you come back the day after that, and so on. You need to be persistent.

“If you want to capture an image in your own town, you have the luxury of time, and you can go and check the same place as much as you want.

“But when you are in a city for only a few days (I spent one week for each of the 31 capitals photographed for my ‘Homo Urbanus Europeanus’ series), you just have to cross your fingers that it will not be raining or cloudy during your stay.”

Get started today…
* Travel light, with a small SLR body 
and unobtrusive wide or standard zoom or prime lens.
* Treat shadows as solid objects when framing an urban scene, and compose your shot to make best use of them.
* Use wide apertures or high ISOs to give you sharp results when shooting with your camera handheld.
* Use the AF points in the viewfinder or grid overlay on the rear screen to ensure buildings are straight.

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