9 creative photo ideas to try in June 2013

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    02 Shoot a county show

    02 Shoot a county show

    Late spring marks the start of county shows and fairs. In a single day, you’ll be able to try a range of subjects and styles, from animals and portraits to food shots and fairground rides.

    You don’t need much in the way of kit: 
a zoom that extends from moderate wide-angle to moderate telephoto will offer versatility and enable you to travel light.

    For images where you need extra reach, consider carrying a 70-300mm lens in a small bag. Leave the tripod at home and take a monopod if you need stability.

    Shoot in Aperture Priority, so that the camera will adjust the shutter speed to compensate as you move from bright outdoor areas to darker craft tents and animal sheds.

    Don’t ignore the shutter speed though – there will be times when it drops so low that you risk blurred shots from camera shake. Open the aperture or increase the ISO to compensate.

    Get started today…
    * Photograph animals after they’ve been shown in competition, as this is when they’ll look their best.
    * Lift your show shots with creative processing effects, such as adding a vignette or converting to black and white.

    PAGE 1: Shoot a multiple exposure portrait
    PAGE 2: Shoot a county show
    PAGE 3: Shoot a wider street view
    PAGE 4: Shoot creative flower portraits
    PAGE 5: Shoot a forced perspective effect
    PAGE 6: Shoot ‘uninspiring’ subjects
    PAGE 7: Shoot sparkling dew
    PAGE 8: Shoot a muted colour palette
    PAGE 9: Shoot creative wide-angle views


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