Wedding photo ideas: how to shoot a wedding classically and creatively

Wedding photo ideas: how to shoot a wedding classically and creatively

Shot of the Day

Shot of the Day

After a picture-packed day, the wedding shoot was over, and it was time for Kate to pick the Hotshots from the hundreds that her Apprentice had taken. Of all of them, it was this fantastic portrait of the bride on a rocking horse that Kate picked as the overall Shot of the Day…

Our professional photographer says
This shot was right at the end of the day when Viv was really relaxed and had been shooting in manual mode for a long period. This wasn’t an image we had originally planned to shoot, but we knew it would look lovely and as soon as Rachel sat on the rocking horse which was in one of the reception rooms of the venue we knew it was perfect.

I explained to Viv that we needed to be exposing for the shadows, using spot metering, and she knew exactly what to do. She was careful to compose and frame the shot centrally and she produced a beautiful, ethereal image.

Our apprentice says
The day was such a fantastic experience for me. I had arrived apprehensive about the shoot, but in the end we had such fun that I felt like part of a team that had been working together for years!

I have produced wedding books for a number of friends’ weddings, in a reportage style, and wanted to know how to do this on a more professional basis. I wanted to up my game and I had no idea how to do that.

This one-on-one masterclass has given my confidence a huge boost and I now know for certain that I want to be taking pictures like this every Saturday, and get paid for the privilege! Watch this space…

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  • Bill

    Great article. I am glad that you said it! you only get one chance to shoot a wedding. Do it right.