Focus On Imaging photography trade show closes its doors for good

10 trade show photography tips for Focus on Imaging 2013

Focus On Imaging, the UK’s biggest photography trade show, is closing down after 24 years.

Organisers confirmed the move, revealing that the 2013 Focus On Imaging exhibition held in March will be the last.

10 trade show photography tips for Focus on Imaging 2013

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“Focus On Imaging will not be sold – I’m simply bringing it to an end,” said Mary Walker, of organiser Mary Walker Exhibitions, in a statement published on the Focus On Imaging website. “It is with great pride that I look upon an amazing period of time in my life, where I continually worked hard to run Focus On Imaging to the absolute best of my ability.

“I myself, the Show and my committed team have witnessed the phenomenal growth and revolutionary changes that have come to the photographic industry, and I am proud to have offered photographers and manufacturers an opportunity to come together professionally and personally over the years.”

She added: “There are now so many elements of a photographer’s working life that we simply could not have imagined back at the inception of the original ‘Focus On Photography’ as it was 24 years ago… I am certain that the time is right for the industry to perhaps find fresh opportunities and bring new ideas to photographers – maybe we’re due a new revolution of some kind?”

The annual photography trade show has been a highly anticipated event in the UK for nearly a quarter of a century, bringing together amateur and professional photographers, manufacturers, retailers and more.

Digital Camera World to host PhotoLive 2013

Digital Camera World and its sister titles at our parent Future Publishing can also announce that we will be launching our first major consumer photography tuition live event, PhotoLive 2013.

PhotoLive 2013

Taking place on the 26th and 27th October in London at the Novotel, Hammersmith, PhotoLive will feature more than 200 seminars delivered by leading professional photographers and Photoshop experts.

The list of speakers already confirmed for PhotoLive include such famous names as Andy Rouse, David Noton, Steve Caplin, Calvin Hollywood, Glyn Dewis, Tom Mackie, Paul Harris, George Cairns, Nils Jorgensen, Kate Hopewell-Smith and Steve Bloom. Many more are set to be revealed in the following months.

The tuition programme will cover all types of photography and equipment, so attendees can tailor a programme specifically to suit their own style of photography and choose sessions most suitable to their equipment and preferred genres.

From Canon-specific sessions, to masterclasses on improving landscape, wildlife, macro and portrait images, there will be pro advice to cover all aspects of digital photography. These sessions will be delivered in a professional learning environment, with many utilising studio setups.

Tickets and pricing are also flexible, with offers available for entry and single sessions as well as full day passes.

PhotoLive will also include a busy retail area where show attendees can get their hands on the very latest kit and try before they buy. The retail area will feature live stages for product demonstrations and further opportunities for the attendees to learn new skills and techniques.

Future Publishing brands promoting PhotoLive include the UK’s best-selling photography title, Digital Camera, the Nikon magazine N-Photo, Canon title PhotoPlus, and best-selling image-editing magazine, Practical Photoshop. It will also feature in Photography Week, the world’s best-selling weekly photography title on iPad, as well as Future’s leading technology brands including T3,, Computer Arts and MacFormat.

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