5 color photography mistakes every photographer makes (and how to fix them)

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    Color Photography Mistake No. 4: colors don’t suit the scene

    Sunset Photography Tips: use Picture Controls or Picture Styles

    Most cameras have a series of options called something like Canon’s Picture Styles, Nikon’s Picture Controls or Film Modes.

    These instruct the camera to process the image in a particular way to suit the subject.

    There’s usually a Landscape Picture Style, for example, that enhances blues and greens, the most dominant colors in a landscape.

    In some cases these can work very well, but they can go a little over the top so it’s worth experimenting with some of the options to see which work best for you.

    Portrait settings, for instance, sometimes enhance red and this can have the unfortunate effect of making some people look flushed, or emphasising an uneven complexion or pimples.

    If there’s a Natural or Neutral option you may find that this produces more flattering portraits.

    Conversely, if you’re shooting a scene with bold colors that you want to emphasise you may find switching to the Vivid mode (or similar) or even Landscape mode produces images with more impact.

    In most cases you can adjust the saturation and contrast adjustments that are applied as part of the Picture Style’s processing.

    These allow you to tailor how your camera handles color to your preferences and it’s worth trying them at different values.

    Many cameras, for example, produce better monochrome images when the contrast of their black and white setting is turned up.

    You may also like to try turning down the saturation of the Portrait style.

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