5 color photography mistakes every photographer makes (and how to fix them)

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    Color Photography Mistake No. 2: Image has no atmosphere

    Fixing Bad Pictures: Why do my landscape photos look so flat?

    When the automatic white balance (AWB) option is selected the camera attempts to correct color casts automatically and it assess the scene for color shifts aiming to make what it thinks is white in the scene white in the image.

    However, on some occasions the AWB system can work a little too well, removing all the color imparted by the light and draining the shot of atmosphere.

    At sunset, for example, the landscape is drenched in golden light that gives it an attractive warmth.

    If the automatic white balance option is selected, many cameras will compensate for this warmth and produce a neutral image that lacks any atmosphere.

    The solution in the case of the sunset is quite simple, change the white balance setting to the Daylight option.

    This mode is designed to be used in normal sunlight conditions when the light is cooler than at sunrise or sunset, using it in warmer lighting conditions will ensure that the warmth is preserved.

    In other situations when none of the alternative preset white balance values gives you the right result, your camera’s white balance adjustment control can provide a solution.

    Simply use them to alter the white balance so that it produces a warmer or cooler image as you prefer.

    Alternatively, if you shoot raw files you can get the white balance just right on the computer at the conversion stage.

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