Raw Images: 10 things every beginner must know before ditching JPEG

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    Beginner tips for raw images: 06 Not all raw images are the same

    Technique assessment from our professional photographer: shoot in raw format

    Unlike JPEGs, there isn’t a standard for the raw images produced by most of the cameras made by big-name manufacturers.

    Each of them has its own distinct raw file format, and even more confusingly, each model of camera has its own version of this format.

    So, current Canon cameras will produce a raw file with a .cr2 suffix, and the raw file from an EOS 650D SLR will actually be slightly different to one from an EOS 7D.

    To further confuse matters, there is an exception to this rule. DNG is a file format developed by Adobe that can be used by any manufacturer.

    But of the main DSLR manufacturers only Pentax has included it on its cameras up to now.

    Even if you use another brand of camera, DNG can still be a useful format to consider, because it can be used as a way of opening raw images from new cameras in old versions of Photoshop and Elements.

    PAGE 1: All images in your camera start life as raw images
    PAGE 2: You need to select raw on your camera
    PAGE 3: Raw lets you fine-tune your images
    PAGE 4: Raw images can slow down your shoots
    PAGE 5: Raw images let you rescue detail
    PAGE 6: Not all raw images are the same
    PAGE 7: You need special software to view
    PAGE 8: Raw images offer non- destructive editing
    PAGE 9: Make selective adjustments
    PAGE 10: You can expand dynamic range by combining raw conversions
    PAGE 11: Pros and cons of shooting raw images
    PAGE 12: Raw conversion software options


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