Raw Images: 10 things every beginner must know before ditching JPEG

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    Beginner tips for raw images: 03 Raw lets you fine-tune your images

    Beginner tips for raw images: 03 Raw lets you fine-tune your images

    The ability to fine-tune white balance in raw is great for warming- up your portraits

    Most of your camera’s settings, such as white balance, sharpening and saturation, are not applied to a raw file, so you are free to adjust and fine-tune them on your computer.

    raw images also contain much more picture information than JPEGs, especially with regards to tonal range.

    This means that any tonal transitions, particularly in areas of similar tone or colour, are much smoother, and are much less prone to problems like banding and pixelation when any raw adjustments are made.


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    Beginner tips for raw images: 04 Raw images can slow down your shoots

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    The many useful advantages that raw images offer come at a price. raw images are typically three to five times larger than even the most high-quality JPEG, so you won’t be able to squeeze as many images onto a memory card if you’re shooting entirely in raw.

    They also fill the camera’s buffer faster, meaning that the burst rate can drop significantly when shooting raw.

    If your project specifically requires that you need to fire off shots at a very fast rate, using raw can cause problems, and seriously eat into your speed.

    This is why sports and some news photographers, who need to take, edit and send shots really quickly, frequently opt for the speed and convenience of JPEG, rather than wait around for the more editable but cumbersome raw images.

    The JPEG images may not be as manageable out of the camera as the raw shots, but often speed is more important than quality.


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