Get cash back on the Vanguard ABEO 283AV & Quovio 41 (Advertising Feature)

Get cash back on the Vanguard ABEO 283AV & Quovio 41 (Advertising Feature)

As HD video recording capability has become standard in digital cameras, budding ‘HDSLR’ photographers increasingly need a solid, trustworthy video kit that will help them achieve the highest-quality video.

Thankfully, Vanguard, a global leader in high-quality photo and video accessories, has a solution.

Get cash back on the Vanguard ABEO 283AV & Quovio 41 (Advertising Feature)

Vanguard’s versatile ABEO 283AV tripod kit offers incredible stability, supporting up to 4kg (8.8lbs) of camcorders, cameras, and even spotting scopes for shooting videos or still images.

The ABEO 283AV owes its security to its premium magnesium die-cast construction and anti-twist central column.

Meanwhile, Vanguard’s PH-114V two-way pan head comes with the ABEO 283AV and moves fluidly while you frame and shoot your scene, allowing you to securely tilt from +60° to -90° angles to give your compositions more creative possibilities.

The ABEO 283AV’s legs bring even more versatility to photographers. The tripod’s legs each have quick-flip leg locks to enable a fast set-up and are able to individually adjust to 25°, 50°, and 80° angles, allowing photographers and videographers to shoot from eye- down to ground-level.

It also comes with rubber feet to keep your set-up secure in rough terrain, and thick foam on its legs helps you to not lose your grip in case of wet weather.

But you won’t have to worry about gripping the tripod for too long anyway if you’ve also got a Vanguard bag to carry it for you.

Vanguard’s Quovio 41 shoulder bag, which won the TIPA Award for best photo bag in 2013, is perfect for the photographer or videographer on the go.

There are two different ways to attach your tripod to your free Quovio 41 shoulder bag. Attach your tripod to the front of the bag so it’s ready for action when you use the Quick Access opening to take photos.

Alternatively, if you have a heavy-duty video tripod you can simply strap it to the top of the bag where it will remain stable during transport.

Along with boasting multiple options for how to carry it, the Quovio 41 offers an attachment for your trolley or you can even attach it to an ICS Harness.

Inside the Quovio 41 is a roomy interior lined with thick padding and a divider system that can easily be rearranged to fit your pro DSLR body or semi-pro camcorder gear.

What’s more, the Quovio 41 incorporates two mesh pockets that are perfect for accessories, a memory card wallet and a 14in compartment for storing your laptop.

And what if it happens to be raining or you have to set your bag down in the snow? Don’t worry – the bottom of the Quovio 41 is water-resistant and comes with a rain cover.


For a limited time you can claim cash back on purchases of the Vanguard ABEO 283AV and Quovio 41, as well as a number of other exciting Vanguard products.

Digital Camera World readers can claim up to £35 cash back on purchases of ABEO video kits, or £15 cash back on the Quovio 41 bag (as well as the Quovio 44 and 49T models).

Vanguard’s exclusive cash-back deal runs until 31 July 2013. For more information on the offers, the eligible products and to download cash-back forms, visit Vanguard’s cashback site.


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