Fashion photography tips: Lara Jade on perfect lighting and simple compositions

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    Shot of the Day

    Shot of the Day

    Nicki’s Comment
    “This was Danielle’s final change of outfit. Lara chose it for the vibrant colours and waistcoat detailing, and Leah, the stylist, amped up the makeup to match. Until then, poses had been sultry and moody, so we decided to inject some fun into the last bit of the shoot!

    “I asked Danielle to jump about and try facial expressions from smiles to screams. I moved around a lot: left to right, full length and headshots, standing and crouching. We’d gone back to using just one softbox placed to Danielle’s left, so I reduced the shutter speed and opened up the aperture to 1/160 sec at f/14.”

    Lara Says
    “Nicki’s confidence came on over the day, so I suggested she try something fun. The classic single light and softbox setup adds contrast to the clothes, but gives enough depth to make Danielle stand out. Here, the composition works incredibly well and the light falls in the right area of Danielle’s face to highlight her expression.

    “Nicki’s camera settings are perfect, but the use of styling takes this shot to the next level. I taught her that, no matter how simplistic the light setup, it’s how you work with the theme and model that counts, and she’s got both spot-on.”

    PAGE 1: Meet our professional photographer and apprentice
    PAGE 2: Fashion photography tips for during the shoot
    PAGE 3: Final fashion photography tips from Lara Jade
    PAGE 4: Lara Jade’s recommended gear
    PAGE 5: Shot of the Day


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