Fashion photography tips: Lara Jade on perfect lighting and simple compositions

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    Lara Jade’s recommended gear

    Lara Jade's recommended gear: Broncolor Grafit Power Pack

    Broncolor Grafit Power Pack
    “This Broncolor power pack has a really high wattage and is great for running multiple lights on big studio shoots. From the clear, easy-to-read display, you can change the output of each flash head by one-tenth of a stop for maximum control over the lighting. As it is so powerful, it is very expensive to buy (£6,800,, but a good option for home studios is the Bowens Gemini 400 Kit (£600,”


    Lara Jade's recommended gear: Broncolor Remote Flash Trigger

    Broncolor Remote Flash Trigger
    “I find using flash sync cables can be a real nightmare in the studio – they’re too easy to trip over or rip out of your Canon’s sync socket, and they restrict your movement during the shoot too. The IRX 2 remote flash trigger (, £280), which can be bought alongside Broncolor lighting kits, is great as it has two radio channels (to prevent interference from other triggers) and works up to 150 feet away.”


    Lara Jade's recommended gear: flash lighting heads

    Flash lighting heads
    “It goes without saying that you need a decent set of studio lights! I use pro Bowens and Broncolor gear, but you can get great results with a home studio lighting kit. Things to look out for are:

    • A continuous lighting option, so you can preview the scene before firing the flash
    • As much power as you can afford; for small home studios, 300Ws is ideal
    • Lights that can be adjusted in  1/5-stop increments allow more subtle effects

    Adjust your lights rather than the camera settings. If your highlights are blowing out, turn the lights down by a stop. If your photos look too dark, turn the lights up or move them closer to the subject,” explains Lara.


    Lara Jade's Recommended Gear: Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM II

    Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM II
    “I’m very lucky that Canon sponsor me, as this is a really expensive lens to get hold of! The wide f/1.2L aperture makes it great for location shooting, as it smoothly blurs messy backgrounds and creates perfect bokeh.

    “However, it’s also ideal in the studio as it’s incredibly sharp, and the 85mm focal length is ideal for interesting portrait compositions. It costs a rather hefty £1,800, but there is also a Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 version available that’s a fraction of the price, at £320.”

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