Fashion photography tips: Lara Jade on perfect lighting and simple compositions

Fashion photography tips: Lara Jade on perfect lighting and simple compositions

Final fashion photography tips from Lara Jade

Final fashion photography tips from Lara Jade: grab a stylist

Grab a stylist
It pays to have someone on-hand who knows how to style a model, as Lara explains: “Hair and makeup for fashion shoots can take hours! Start early in the morning and ask the stylists to stick around during the day so they can change the hair, makeup and clothing throughout the shoot.

“A good stylist can save you ages in Photoshop tidying up smudged lipstick and stray hairs.” Many upcoming stylists (and models!) will work for free for the experience.

Eye contact
“I’d always thought that you need eye contact in portraits, but some of my strongest shots are where Danielle is looking off-camera. In shots where she makes eye contact, she has an air of confidence and you pay more attention to her strong makeup. But in shots where there’s no eye contact, there’s more mystery and you find yourself focused on the shapes and clothing in the shot.”


Final fashion photography tips from Lara Jade: consider your ISO

Consider your ISO
“During the shoot, I made sure that Nicki kept her ISO below 320,” says Lara. “This not only helped to reduce the amount of distracting noise in her images, but also kept her exposures even and consistent too. A higher ISO means more light sensitivity, which can easily lead to blown-out highlights and loss of detail.”


Final fashion photography tips from Lara Jade: vary the clothes

The clothes show
Lara has her own distinctive style of photography – and the outfits she photographs are equally as unique! “For my personal work, I like to photograph models in dramatic outfits. It adds to the fantasy element and helps me to tell a story.

“The best clothes and accessories can be found in the most unlikely of places – charity shops, hardware stores, theatre stockrooms and even the model’s own wardrobe! Go for a getup that’s a little different, and ask the model to create her own backstory and character.”

Lara Jade’s lighting guide

Lara likes to keep her studio lighting simple, so we asked her to share her top three flash setups for getting great fashion portraits.

Lara Jade's lighting guide

(LEFT) Single-light setup
“I like to inject a moody, gothic feel into my images, and using a single light with a softbox does just that. It creates good contrast between the highlights and shadows, which is great for bringing out sharp cheek bones and strong jaw lines.”

(MIDDLE) Two-light setup
“This is a rather unconventional setup with two lights, but by positioning one behind the model, you can use the backlighting to bring out detail in big hairstyles. It also enables you to get creative with flare and starbursts too.”

(RIGHT) Two lights and a reflector
“For shots in which you’ve got the model positioned away from the main flash, you can bounce light back in using a reflector. Make sure that you use a white reflector in order to avoid colour casts and blown-out highlights, though.”

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