Golden Hour Photography: tips for making magical landscapes at dawn

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    Tips to remember when shooting golden hour photography

    Tips to remember when shooting golden hour photography

    Stay dry
    One disadvantage to shooting early in the morning, especially in the summer, is the dew. So it’s a good idea to wear waterproof trousers and boots in order to avoid getting wet and uncomfortable. A plastic sheet will also help keep your camera bag dry.

    Seek out mist
    Keep an eye on the weather forecast and look out for high pressure with cold clear nights and little or no wind. Mist often appears over rivers, lakes and damp ground, so it’s always worth visiting such locations to increase your chances of successful shots.

    Shoot long exposures
    Pre-dawn light is an ideal time to shoot creative long exposures of moving water or clouds. Set the lowest ISO and the aperture to f/16 or f/22 for the slowest shutter speed. For even longer exposures, you’ll need to fit a polarizer filter or neutral density filter.

    Take a hike
    Don’t restrict yourself to low level shooting. If you’re visiting hilly locations, the valleys will be cast in deep shadow until well after the sun is up – so head for the hilltops instead to catch the first rays of sunrise.

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