Golden Hour Photography: tips for making magical landscapes at dawn

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    Two techniques for controlling light at dawn

    Two techniques for controlling light at dawn

    Shooting at sunrise involves some tricky lighting conditions. Generally, if you expose for the bright sky, the foreground will come out much too dark and lack detail.

    The easiest way to resolve this is to use a neutral density graduated filter (for instance an 0.9ND grad) to reduce the exposure for the sky while keeping the exposure for the foreground the same.

    Before fitting the filter, take a meter reading from the foreground (excluding the sky) and set this exposure in Manual mode.

    Then recompose and fit the filter so that the darker part covers the sky and take the shot.

    Alternatively, take one shot with the exposure set for the foreground and a second exposed for the sky, then blend the two images in Photoshop.

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