Best photo backpacks: 6 top models tested and rated

Best photo backpacks: 6 top models tested and rated

Best photo backpacks: Vanguard Quovio 44

Best photo backpacks: Vanguard Quovio 44

Price: £150, $200
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This split photo/daypack goes extra-large on versatility. The shoulder straps can be swapped around so you can wear the bag as a messenger-style slingback over either shoulder, or as a regular backpack, stowing unused straps in the pockets provided.

In slingback mode, the quick-access side opening is particularly useful. On the other side, there’s a pull-out tripod attachment system.

You can easily adjust the internal partition between photographic gear and the general storage area, which is useful if you want to stow a camera with a very long lens attached.

You can also use the whole main compartment for photo gear, or remove the photo cradle completely and simply use the bag as a regular backpack.

Other features include a separate tablet compartment and slip-over rain cover.

Our Verdict
Pros… Versatile, strong build quality, smart slingback option
Cons… Photo cradle needs reorienting for side-flap access
WE say… It’s a clever design that offers plenty of customisation

Score: 4/5

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Best photo backpacks: Vanguard Quovio 44
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    Thanks, Scott. Now fixed.

  • kktheflying

    i need a backpack that will fit in a long telephoto lens, i can’t find one anywhere.
    anybody got any ideas ? must be able to fit a 22 inch telephoto lens inside comfortably

  • Babur72

    Anyone had any experience with f-Stop products? Do they perform as well as they look? Been looking at the Tilopa or Satori backpacks.