Best photo backpacks: 6 top models tested and rated

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    Best photo backpacks: Tamrac Expedition 6x

    Best photo backpacks: Tamrac Expedition 6x

    Price: £110, $250
    Buy it:
    Really living up to its name, this bag is tough enough to take the knocks on the wildest expedition, and extremely comfortable to wear.

    It has a full complement of weather-proof zips, which is just as well as the slip-over rain cover is sold as an optional extra.

    The main compartment is huge, given over solely to photo gear. There’s enough room for a camera with fitted lens, plus up to ten other lenses or accessories.

    The centre section of the main compartment is long enough for a camera with a long, super-telephoto lens attached, or for two cameras with smaller lenses fitted.

    Extra external compartments are well implemented, with smart organisers, and there’s also a separate compartment for fairly small laptops.

    Our Verdict
    Pros… Supremely tough and well padded, loads of space
    Cons… Rain cover is an optional extra, no quick-access flap
    WE say… Wonderfully secure and comfortable

    Score: 5/5

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    Best photo backpacks: Tamrac Expedition 6x
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