24 camera features every beginner photographer must memorize

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    Camera features on the back of your camera body

    Camera features on the back of your camera body

    01 Aperture/Exposure Compensation button
    On Manual mode hold this button down and turn the Main dial to open or close the aperture. In some other modes (like Aperture Value) you can set the camera to open up or close down a stop using this button and the Main dial.

    02 AF point selection
    Press this button then rotate the Main dial to select which Auto Focus point the camera will use. It also enables you to zoom in on a shot when you play it back on the camera’s LCD.

    03 AE Lock button
    This button enables you to lock the camera’s exposure once you’ve taken a reading of the scene’s lighting.  You can also use it to zoom out of a shot when viewing it on the LCD in playback mode. It also lets you focus the camera when using Live View.

    04 Live View
    Press here to display what the camera will capture on the LCD screen.  Most new cameras have a live LCD function, which saves you from having to look through the viewfinder.

    05 Cross keys
    These cross key buttons allow you to navigate through the camera’s menus and sub-menus.  You can then press the Set button to choose a specific menu setting. Nikon calls these buttons the Multi-selector. Each button also acts as a shortcut to popular functions like WB (White Balance) or AF (Auto Focus).

    06 Self-timer
    This cross key button lets you change the camera from Single shooting to Continuous shooting mode (or change the self-timer settings).

    07 Playback button
    The Playback button enables you to review the shots that you’ve captured on the camera’s memory card.

    08 Erase button
    The universal trashcan symbol lets you delete the file you’re currently viewing on the camera’s LCD screen.

    09 Menu button
    Click here to access a vast array of menus and sub menus so that you can alter the way it behaves to suit your requirements. This button lets you access and change the Quality settings for example.

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