Banish Bad Pictures: 9 quick fixes for common camera complaints

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    Fixing Bad Pictures: Why do my colours look all wrong?

    Fixing Bad Pictures: Why do my colours look all wrong?

    Is your White Balance set right?
    Your digital camera is a clever piece of equipment, but it can’t take perfect shots every time by itself. If you notice that the colours in your photos look inaccurate – a little too warm (orange) or too cold (blue) – then it’s likely that you need to take a look at your camera’s White Balance settings.


    Fixing Bad Pictures: fix your white balance

    Are you shooting indoors?
    If you’ve ever taken portraits indoors, you’ll know what a difference each lighting source can make to your results. Set your White Balance according to the lights –  Fluorescent or Tungsten – to ensure whites and skin tones don’t appear overly warm. (See below to learn how to set your White Balance.)


    Are you shooting at night?
    If you’re shooting city scenes at night, it’s very easy for the ambient light and street lights to be out of range of the usual Auto White Balance setting. Customise your White Balance using the Custom WB menu option, you’ll need a Grey Card (see below) or a sheet of white paper to make sure your colours look correct and your cities look cool.

    Setting your White Balance
    How you set your digital SLR’s White Balance (WB) will determined how the whites in your shots appear. Set your WB correctly and your shots will be whiter than white.

    Setting your White Balance: AWB

    1 Auto White Balance

    The Auto WB setting will accurately capture the correct colour temperature for most situations.

    Setting your White Balance: using presets

    2 White Balance presets

    If you want to set the white balance so it’s consistent for your lighting source, then use the built-in WB settings.

    Setting your White Balance: make a custom setting

    3 Custom White Balance
    For truly accurate results you can create a Custom WB setting. You’ll need a Grey Card to do this.

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