Motorsport photography tips from start to finish line

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    Shot of the Day

    Shot of the Day

    Dave’s comment
    “This shot was taken near the end of the day when the sunlight was low and shadows were long. We knew the cars would get a little airborne off the bridge on the edge of the forest, so we positioned ourselves ready for action.

    “I shot this at 200mm and prefocused on the bridge for a sharp shot – the cars appeared on the bridge too fast to be able to track them.

    “Although I liked the wider, vertically composed shot of this jump, I preferred this horizontal, tighter shot as you can see the car better – you can even see the driver’s focused expression on his face!”

    Jakob’s verdict
    “Dave was a great sport on the day and really did well to get so many top shots, including this one. He’s timed his shot well to capture all four wheels (just) off the ground after the little jump during this forest stage.

    The shot’s well exposed, with the light streaming through gap in trees to light up the cars as they hit the bridge.

    Dave’s focusing is good. Best of all, he’s captured the car’s nose rising off the track by prefocusing on bridge then firing like crazy before, during and after car has motored past.

    Finally, his photo composition is strong, with space to drive into and dramatic dust trails behind adding to the sense of speed.”

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