Photography composition tips: 3 killer ways you can master perspective

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    Photography composition tips – Perspective of scale

    Photography composition tips - Perspective of scale

    Perspective is a serious business – but here’s a fun way to play with it for striking and quirky results

    You can play with the ideas of perspective of scale and receding perspective (when the elements in a scene that are further away appear smaller and are behind those in the foreground) to create some quirky images.

    We’re playing on these principles so it looks like our model Elle is holding a smaller model, Siân, in her hand.

    You simply position the subjects, one in the foreground and one in the background, and carefully align the elements so it appears there’s a tiny person being held in the hand of someone much larger.

    The makers of the Lord of the Rings film used this method for scenes where Hobbits interacted with larger people.

    Of course we can work out that it’s not real, but it’s fun to create the illusion nonetheless!

    PAGE 1: What perspective means to photography
    PAGE 2: Photography composition tips – Linear perspective
    PAGE 3: Photography composition tips – Background
    PAGE 4: Photography composition tips – Perspective of scale


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