10 reasons why your photos aren’t sharp (and how to fix them)

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    Reason No. 7 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Continuous AF not selected

    What is the best AF mode: Continuous Servo

    In single AF mode the camera focuses the lens when the shutter release is pressed half-way and the focus stays at that point until you lift your finger off the shutter button and press again.

    If you want to focus elsewhere you need to lift your finger and either recompose or select another AF point before depressing the shutter release again.

    If you use single AF mode to photographing a moving object you’ll find that the camera focuses the lens on the subject at first, but that the subject moves out of focus. Consequently, if you are shooting continuously only the first image will be sharp.

    As it name suggests, in continuous AF mode the camera continues to focus the lens for as long as the shutter release button is held down.

    This means that provided you keep the active AF point over the subject (many cameras offer a tracking options to help with this) it will be in sharp focus in every shot (within reason).

    Reason No. 1. Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Shutter speed too low
    Reason No. 2 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Camera shake
    Reason No. 3 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Vibrations from touching the camera
    Reason No. 4 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Mirror-slap
    Reason No. 5 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Subject movement
    Reason No. 6 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: AF focused on wrong subject
    Reason No. 7 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Continuous AF not selected
    Reason No. 8 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Continuous AF selected
    Reason No. 9 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Depth of field too shallow
    Reason No. 10 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Aperture too small


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