10 reasons why your photos aren’t sharp (and how to fix them)

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    Reason No. 4 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Mirror-slap

    How to take sharper photos using the mirror lock-up function : step 2

    If don’t have a remote release to hand the camera’s self timer can be a good stand-in as it triggers the shutter to fire after the vibration from pressing the shutter release has died down.

    However, DSLRs can actually create image softening vibration themselves because the action of the mirror flipping up to allow the exposure is enough to start things wobbling.

    Mirror-slap is more of an issue with some cameras than others. Some have a more dampened mirror movement, which makes it less problematic, for example.

    However, if you want to get the full benefit of all those pixels on high-resolution cameras like the Nikon D800 you need to go the extra mile and use mirror-lock up mode.

    When mirror-lock up mode is selected the first press of the shutter release (on the camera or a remote release) lifts the mirror.

    Then, when any vibration resulting from the mirror movement has died down you press the release again to trip the shutter and take the shot.

    Reason No. 1. Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Shutter speed too low
    Reason No. 2 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Camera shake
    Reason No. 3 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Vibrations from touching the camera
    Reason No. 4 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Mirror-slap
    Reason No. 5 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Subject movement
    Reason No. 6 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: AF focused on wrong subject
    Reason No. 7 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Continuous AF not selected
    Reason No. 8 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Continuous AF selected
    Reason No. 9 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Depth of field too shallow
    Reason No. 10 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Aperture too small


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