10 reasons why your photos aren’t sharp (and how to fix them)

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    Reason No. 3 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Vibrations from touching the camera

    How to photograph light trails: avoid camera shake

    Just touching a camera mounted on a tripod can be enough to set it wobbling a little and this can make your images soft. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to resolve the problem with a remote release.

    Remote releases come in two forms, wired and wireless. As a general rule wireless remote releases are more expensive but more effective than wired ones.

    A wired release has to be connected to the camera and any movement of the cable, perhaps as result of it blowing in the wind or you moving it, can transfer to the camera and soften the image, so take care how you handle it.

    One downside with wireless remote releases is that they usually work via infrared light and this can make them trick to use in bright sunlight. They also usually need the trigger to be in the line of sight of the receiver/camera.

    Remote releases are especially useful when you want very long bulb exposures because they avoid you having to press the camera’s shutter release button throughout the duration of the exposure.

    Reason No. 1. Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Shutter speed too low
    Reason No. 2 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Camera shake
    Reason No. 3 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Vibrations from touching the camera
    Reason No. 4 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Mirror-slap
    Reason No. 5 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Subject movement
    Reason No. 6 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: AF focused on wrong subject
    Reason No. 7 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Continuous AF not selected
    Reason No. 8 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Continuous AF selected
    Reason No. 9 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Depth of field too shallow
    Reason No. 10 Your Photos Aren’t Sharp: Aperture too small


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