Photoshop CC: the 10 most important features in Adobe’s new software

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    Photoshop CC Key Features: 9. Improved path operations

    Photoshop’s path handling moves a step closer to that of Illustrator with a new set of controls for how paths interact with each other.

    When two or more overlapping paths are selected, you can now set whether they combine, subtract, intersect or exclude each other using the buttons that now appear in the Properties panel – or you can use the shortcuts +, –, * and / to change these properties via the keyboard.

    You can also commit to the values you set by choosing Merge Shape Components from the Options Bar when either the Pen or the Shapes tools are selected.

    In the screenshot here, the star and the circle are two separate paths – and the circle has been set to subtract from the star, as the Properties panel shows. The trouble is, you can’t tell that this is the case just by looking at the paths.

    Choosing Merge Shape Components produces the cutaway effect seen on the right, in which the circle is physically removed from the star.

    Once they’ve been merged, though, shapes are no longer live for further editing.

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