Photoshop CC: the 10 most important features in Adobe’s new software

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    Photoshop CC Key Features: 6. Image Size

    Photoshop CC Key Features: 6. Image Size

    Using the Image Size dialog has always involved a fair amount of guesswork. Now the dialog has been revamped with a scalable, draggable preview that shows exactly what you’re going to get.

    For the first time, you can enlarge the dialog window to view a larger preview of the resized result.

    As well as the Automatic setting, you can choose from two enlargement methods: Preserve Details and Bicubic Smoother.

    The first is best for objects such as jewellery, where fine detail is important, the second is best for faces and landscapes.

    When choosing Preserve Details there’s also a slider to reduce the amount of noise created by the process.

    There’s only one setting for reduction – Bicubic Sharper – but there are also the legacy methods, Bicubic, Nearest Neighbour and Bilinear. These can all be selected with the alt key and a number key.

    The Image Size dialog produces noticeably better results, especially on enlargements. It’s far from perfect, but it will result in significantly cleaner images, removing much uncertainty.

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