Spring photography tips: how to photograph flowers in the wild

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    Experiment with depth of field

    Experiment with depth of field

    The ‘look’ of your pictures is determined partly by your choice of lens, shooting position and composition. But depth of field is an equally important factor that affects how the final image turns out.

    If you want the entire flower to be in sharp focus, a small aperture will increase depth of field, but this will also bring the background more into focus, which can be a distraction. A compromise may be necessary to get the right balance.

    For a more abstract look, use a very shallow depth of field by setting a large aperture. This will limit the amount of the flower that is in sharp focus to just a millimetre or two, concentrating attention onto a specific area and creating an attractive soft-focus effect around it.

    PAGE 1: How to photograph flowers with the right backdrop
    PAGE 2: A step-by-step guide on how to photograph flowers in the wild
    PAGE 3: How to photograph flowers in the wild – think about the light

    PAGE 4: Experiment with depth of field
    PAGE 5: Final spring photography tips for photographing wild flowers


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