Using shutter speed: take control of your shutter for cool, creative effects

    | Photography Tips | 03/05/2013 11:00am

    In our latest photography cheat sheet we look at some of the different ways of using shutter speed to produce different digital camera effects.

    With all the focus (no pun intended) these days on creative controls like aperture and depth of field, it seems like no one ever thinks about shutter speed anymore. But as we all know, shutter speed is an important tool in any photographer’s repertoire.

    Once you learn how to take control of your shutter speed you’ll open yourself to a host of creative photography ideas.

    To help you learn how to master your digital camera’s shutter speed our latest photography cheat sheet takes you through the basic of how to change your shutter speed settings and how each affects the look of our pictures.

    We also show you how to identify the best shutter speeds to use for different shooting situations and decide the moments when it is better to go with a fast shutter speed vs a slow shutter speed.

    To view the larger version of this photography cheat sheet, click on the infographic to expand the file, or drag and drop it to your desktop.

    Using shutter speed creatively: how to take control of your shutter for cool effects


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