9 creative photo ideas to try in May 2013

01 Shoot creative spring light painting effects

09 Shoot images with motion blur

09 Shoot images with motion blur

Spring is a great time to capture images with motion blur. The choice of subject is up to you, but see how creatively you can convey a sense of movement using slow shutter speeds.

You might choose to pan your camera with a fast-moving subject, such as these horses photographed by Milan Malovrh, or lock the camera on a tripod and allow the moving parts of a scene to become a blur (a favourite technique of seascape photographers).

The key is to select a slower shutter speed than you would normally use to capture a sharp image.

Make sure you have plenty of room on your memory card, as the results are unpredictable – it’s likely that you’ll shoot lots of frames before you find one where all the elements come together. It’s also a technique that can soon become addictive…

Get started today…
* Shoot in Aperture Priority, and select a small aperture and low ISO for longer exposures.
* If you’re panning with a moving subject, use a background or foreground that will create streaks to exaggerate the sense of speed.
* Use a polarizing filter or Neutral Density filter to get slower shutter speeds in bright conditions.
* Experiment with flash and long exposures, to create a blend of sharpness and blur.
* Don’t be afraid to enhance the degree of motion blur in Photoshop post shoot.

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