9 creative photo ideas to try in May 2013

01 Shoot creative spring light painting effects

07 Shoot portraits with reflections

07 Shoot portraits with reflections

Whether you’re shooting a full-length portrait or a tight head-shot, including a reflective surface in your images can make them more dynamic. Don’t feel you need to make your pictures symmetrical, however.

Find a large area of glass and position your model to one side of the frame, allowing the reflective surface to disappear into the distance.

Experiment with the size of the reflected image too. You can, of course, give the main portrait and the reflected one equal prominence, but why not position yourself so that the reflection is small in the frame? Or make the reflection the dominant feature instead.

Get started today…
* Use a lens with a focal length of 50mm or above for flattering results.
* The more contact your model has with the glass, the stronger the impact.
* Keep an eye out for distracting reflections in the glass and adjust your shooting position accordingly.

PAGE 1: Shoot creative spring light painting effects
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PAGE 7: Shoot portraits with reflections
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