9 creative photo ideas to try in May 2013

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    06 Shoot plane trails

    06 Shoot plane trails

    There are plenty of stunning images of car light trails out there, but not nearly so many featuring planes. Surrey-based pro Andrew Tobin headed to Heathrow airport’s busy Terminal 5 to take this striking image.

    “I wanted a twilight shot to get some colour in the sky, and I also wanted the planes taking off in the correct direction from the correct runway,” explains Andrew. “Lurking around Heathrow with a camera and tripod at night could garner unwarranted attention. However, I saw nobody and was completely undisturbed for the hour or so that I was there.

    “I set up the camera (a Canon EOS-1D Mark IV) on a tripod and timed how long it would take for a landing aircraft to cross the frame. This was 15 seconds, so that was my exposure time, and I set the aperture to f/8 and the ISO to 50.

    “This exposed the terminal nicely without overdoing things, and left some detail in the sky. Using a remote release, I’d wait for a plane to enter the frame, open the shutter, let it roar overhead and then close the shutter, repeating 15 times.

    “Using Photoshop I then extracted the light trails from each picture and overlaid them onto each other to create the final image.”

    Get started today…
    * Shoot in Manual mode so that you have complete control over the exposure.
    * Record pictures in raw format so that 
you can make exposure and white balance adjustments later.

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