9 creative photo ideas to try in May 2013

01 Shoot creative spring light painting effects

05 Shoot reflections in puddles

05 Shoot reflections in puddles

Why not explore the photographic potential of the humble puddle? You’ll have to wait for the rain to stop if you want to shoot a perfectly still reflection, although don’t discount the interest that ripples can add to your images.

After a heavy spell of rain, head to places with interesting architecture or industrial features. Areas you’d normally discount can be transformed when contained within a reflection.

Look for interesting textures on the ground, such as cracked paving slabs and road markings, and include people in your shots. Flip the image later in Photoshop to create a distorted, intriguing result.

Get started today…
* Use a medium-range zoom lens for flexible framing options.
* Ditch the tripod and increase the ISO to give you camera shake-free shots.
* Try shooting at night and including reflections of brightly-lit shop windows and street lamps.

PAGE 1: Shoot creative spring light painting effects
PAGE 2: Shoot painterly plant portraits
PAGE 3: Shoot the beach during a spring storm
PAGE 4: Shoot zoo animals with environmental context
PAGE 5: Shoot reflections in puddles
PAGE 6: Shoot plane trails
PAGE 7: Shoot portraits with reflections
PAGE 8: Shoot water birds at your local pond
PAGE 9: Shoot images with motion blur


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