9 creative photo ideas to try in May 2013

01 Shoot creative spring light painting effects

02 Shoot painterly plant portraits

02 Shoot painterly plant portraits

By using wide apertures and selective focus – or purposely defocusing the lens entirely – you can create impressionistic photographs of spring. Although this approach can allow you to shoot more freely, finding the right composition isn’t as easy as it looks.

“Experimenting is important; you never know the full potential until you look in the viewfinder,” says Norwegian nature photographer Magnar Børnes.

“I look for simplicity in form and colour, as too many elements can be distracting. I also look for the little twist that makes the photo stand out. It may be a special quality of light in the background, an unusual focus point, strong complementary colours, reflections or an unusual composition that breaks the rules.

“For me, capturing images like these is like playing, but of course there are challenges. I often use a 200mm macro lens at its widest aperture, and it can be a challenge to get the focal point sharp. The photo composition is always a difficult aspect too.

“I see a lot of beautiful items through my viewfinder, but sometimes I just can’t organise them in a way that satisfies me. I may end up with 200 almost-good pictures, and that can be very frustrating! But if you keep on experimenting, sooner or later the good shots will appear.”

Get started today…
* Use a tripod – it’ll enable you to concentrate on the composition.
* Longer lenses make it easier to control how much of the background appears in a shot.
* For selective focus shots, try positioning the lens close to foreground detail to create a soft frame for the subject.

PAGE 1: Shoot creative spring light painting effects
PAGE 2: Shoot painterly plant portraits
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PAGE 5: Shoot reflections in puddles
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PAGE 8: Shoot water birds at your local pond
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