Movement photography: camera panning techniques to convey a sense of speed

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    Final tips for taking successful panning photos

    Final tips for taking successful panning photos

    Track your subject in the viewfinder

    The focus points displayed in your viewfinder are handy reference points when panning. Position the one you want to use over a fixed point on the subject, such as a car number plate, and ensure it stays in the same position during your pan.

    Add some flash

    Using flash while panning is a great way of increasing impact. The idea is to balance the exposure of the ambient light and the flash, and use a slower shutter speed because the flash will freeze the action to give your shot a focal point. See page 48 in the main feature for more about this technique.

    Shoot at an angle

    Tilting the camera slightly can help to make your panning shots look even more dynamic. But remember to pan with the subject, rather than with the orientation of the camera.

    Use a monopod

    Attaching your camera to a monopod will take a lot of the weight, making it easier to shoot for long periods. Basic panning techniques are similar to hand-holding the camera. Have a look over the page for more on using a monopod.

    PAGE 1: What is panning?
    PAGE 2: 3 simple steps to panning like a pro
    PAGE 3: How to choose the best shutter speed for movement photography
    PAGE 4: Final tips for taking successful panning photos


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