Baby photography tips for the ‘newborn-again’ photographer

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    Our professional photographer’s recommended gear

    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: baby posing bag

    Baby posing bag
    “This large beanbag is custom-made for baby photography. It has a flat top to give a firm but comfortable posing platform. It comes empty and you fill it with polystyrene beads yourself. I imported mine from the USA, but have designed my own bag that I’ll be selling myself soon!” says Tracy.


    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: baby sleep app

    Baby Sleep app
    “Newborns are comforted by the familiar sounds they hear in the womb – and in the busy world we live in it’s the sound of a hair drier, vacuum cleaner or TV white noise that they find most soothing,” smiles Tracy.

    “The Baby Sleep smartphone app (69p; has all these modern-day sounds and more. But be sure to turn the phone to ‘airplane’ mode before placing it near baby’s head – the last thing you want is all your hard work getting baby to sleep undone by a shrill ringtone going off in their ear!”


    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: Wheaties

    “Newborns are quite ‘floppy’ and the key to getting great poses is to prop them up,” reveals Tracy. “These wheat-filled microwavable bags are great for getting heads nice and high and sticking bums in the air!

    “Gently reposition the baby by lifting the blanket they’re resting on and pop them into place underneath the blanket. It’s amazing how much you can reposition a newborn once they’re sound asleep!”


    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: Linoleum

    “An off-cut of vinyl flooring with a floorboard design is a great way to add an interesting background to your shots. Its matt finish doesn’t reflect light in the same way that purpose-made photography backgrounds can, and it’s harder-wearing too! Also check out fabric shops for nice pieces of material to drape over your backdrop stand.”


    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: battery grip

    Battery Grip
    “A battery grip is a luxury that makes it so much more comfortable to switch to portrait orientation,” admits Tracy. “ It duplicates the shutter, main dial and zoom +/– buttons, allowing you to change setting and shift focus points without taking your eye away from the viewfinder. It doubles your shooting time between battery changes, too!”

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