Baby photography tips for the ‘newborn-again’ photographer

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    Baby photography tips for during the shoot

    Baby photography tips for during the shoot: posing your baby

    Posing your baby
    “Once baby Willow was fast sleep, Tracy spent a lot of time getting her into position; resting her head on her hands, crossing her legs, and propping her bum up in the air with wheat bags.

    “We were even able to try shots with the bonnet on and off without disturbing her. And once we were happy that the camera settings matched the studio light’s power output, we kept them the same for the entire shoot as the exposures were consistent.”


    Baby photography tips for during the shoot: getting the right angle

    Getting the right angle
    “Baby Joseph looks so snug in his blanket, and at just eight days old, being so tightly wrapped is a very comforting position for a newborn, reminiscent of being in the womb. I shot directly down for this shot, and later added space to the right of him in Photoshop to follow the rule of thirds.”


    Baby photography tips for during the shoot: create a nostalgic image

    Create a nostalgic image
    “I love this vintage pram shot! Although it looks like baby’s leaning casually over the side, she’s actually comfortably lying flat and is well propped up. The ‘wooden’ vinyl flooring and simple backdrop really set the scene. Tracy showed me how, by converting to mono and adding a vignette, I could emphasise the yesteryear feel.”


    Baby photography tips for during the shoot: get the eyes sharp

    Get the eyes sharp
    “Baby Willow looks so relaxed and peaceful, with her head resting on her folded arms. Even though her eyes are closed, Tracy explained that it’s still really important to focus on them to ensure lovely, sharp eyelashes.”


    Baby photography tips for during the shoot: try a composite

    Try a composite
    “This is actually a composite of two shots – the first has just the teddies lined up with a gap, the second is with Ava in place. I soon saw why it was necessary to shoot in this way – despite our best efforts to keep Ava distracted by rattling a toy above her, she couldn’t resist her cuddly companions and it wasn’t long before the teddies had all been knocked over! I had to work fast to capture a shot before she’d created too much carnage!”


    Baby photography tips for during the shoot: apply your technique to older children

    Applying your technique to older children
    “As well photographing newborns, we tried some shots of my own daughter, Ava. Tracy had told me I’d have to work much faster with an older child, as unlike sleepy newborns they don’t stay still! It’s important that the child is looking towards the camera, so I had my husband playing peek-a-boo over my shoulder to attract Ava’s attention!”

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