Seascape Photography Tips: using your 10-stop ND filter for ultra long exposures

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    Seaside Photography Tips – 06 When to shoot?

    Seaside Photography Tips - 06 When to shoot?

    The best seascape images are usually shot into the light within an hour of sunset or sunrise. It’s also important to consult tide tables; a wet beach gives more reflections that add depth to the scene, so a retreating tide is best – and is also safer as there’s less risk of getting trapped by an advancing tide!

    For our shot at Bedruthan Steps, which faces west along the north-Cornish coast, sunset was the best time to capture images.

    On our chosen day, high tide was at 8pm and sunset 9.15pm – which gave us near-perfect conditions, with a glistening beach under the setting sun. Tide tables are available on the internet and apps for smartphones (we used the free Marine Day Tides app on the iPhone;

    The Photographer’s Ephemeris (free for computers, £5.99 iPhone/iPad; is a great planning tool because it gives precise sunrise and sunset times for your location and displays them neatly with directional lines on a map.

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    PAGE 2: Seaside Photography Tips – 02 Camera settings
    PAGE 3: Seaside Photography Tips – 03 Attach the filter
    PAGE 4: Seaside Photography Tips – 04 How to calculate exposure (free cheat sheet)
    PAGE 5: Seaside Photography Tips – 05 Beach challenges
    PAGE 6: Seaside Photography Tips – 06 When to shoot?
    PAGE 7: Which filter to use for long-exposure seascapes


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