Raw Processing Tips: 7 ways the Basic Panel can kick-start your photo editing

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    Raw Processing Tips: 05 Saturation and Vibrance

    Raw Processing Tips: 05 Saturation and Vibrance

    Vibrance and Saturation let you control colour intensity.

    Saturation targets all the colours, while Vibrance will preserve the bold colours and target the less-saturated tones.

    It’s useful for portraits as you can boost colours without making skin look over-saturated.

    Here a setting of Vibrance +24 increases the blues and greens without going over-the-top on the yellow tones.

    PAGE 1: Raw Processing Tips – 01 White Balance
    PAGE 2: Raw Processing Tips - 02 Exposure
    PAGE 3: Raw Processing Tips - 03 Whites and Blacks
    PAGE 4: Raw Processing Tips - 04 Highlights and Shadows
    PAGE 5: Raw Processing Tips - 05 Saturation and Vibrance
    PAGE 6: Raw Processing Tips - 06 Contrast and Clarity
    PAGE 7: Raw Processing Tips - 07 Previews


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