Raw Processing Tips: 7 ways the Basic Panel can kick-start your photo editing

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    Raw Processing Tips: 02 Exposure

    Raw Processing Tips: 02 Exposure

    Measured in stops of light, the Exposure slider lets you lighten or darken the tones to correct over- or under-exposure.

    Holding Alt while you drag gives you a view of any clipped pixels.

    Dragging the Exposure slider left or right affects the histogram by shunting tones towards the right or left of the graph.

    Here we’ve corrected slight over-exposure by setting Exposure -0.35.

    PAGE 1: Raw Processing Tips – 01 White Balance
    PAGE 2: Raw Processing Tips - 02 Exposure
    PAGE 3: Raw Processing Tips - 03 Whites and Blacks
    PAGE 4: Raw Processing Tips - 04 Highlights and Shadows
    PAGE 5: Raw Processing Tips - 05 Saturation and Vibrance
    PAGE 6: Raw Processing Tips - 06 Contrast and Clarity
    PAGE 7: Raw Processing Tips - 07 Previews


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