Lightroom Library: a common sense way of organizing your photos

Making a Lightroom Library: 02 Choose Import options

Making a Lightroom Library: 06 Export the files

Making a Lightroom Library: 06 Export the files

Go to File>Export, then specify a file location. You can output to a specific resolution with the Resize to Fit options.

We’ll prepare JPEGs at 1600px wide, so enter 1600 in width and height, with 72 pixels/inch.

Click Add at the bottom left to save these Export settings as a preset, click Export and you’re finished.

PAGE 1: Making a Lightroom Library – 01 Stick in your memory card
PAGE 2: Making a Lightroom Library – 02 Choose Import options
PAGE 3: Making a Lightroom Library – 03 Pick your favourites
PAGE 4: Making a Lightroom Library – 04 Make a collection
PAGE 5: Making a Lightroom Library – 05 Quick tonal tweaks
PAGE 6: Making a Lightroom Library – 06 Export the files


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