Lightroom Library: a common sense way of organizing your photos

Making a Lightroom Library: 02 Choose Import options

Making a Lightroom Library: 04 Make a collection

Making a Lightroom Library: 04 Make a collection

Hit G for Grid view, then click Attributes. Click the ticked flag, then hit Cmd/Ctrl+A to select all.

Click the plus icon in the Collections panel and choose Create Collection.

Name it ‘swimwear picks’ and hit Create. Cmd/Ctrl+click on all shots with sunglasses to make another collection called ‘sunglasses’.

PAGE 1: Making a Lightroom Library – 01 Stick in your memory card
PAGE 2: Making a Lightroom Library – 02 Choose Import options
PAGE 3: Making a Lightroom Library – 03 Pick your favourites
PAGE 4: Making a Lightroom Library – 04 Make a collection
PAGE 5: Making a Lightroom Library – 05 Quick tonal tweaks
PAGE 6: Making a Lightroom Library – 06 Export the files


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