Lightroom Library: a common sense way of organizing your photos

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    Making a Lightroom Library: 03 Pick your favourites

    Making a Lightroom Library: 03 Pick your favourites

    Hit the E key for the loupe view and then use the arrow keys to look through the images.

    Hit the P key to flag your favourites and U to unflag (think Pick and Unpick).

    Press X to reject dud images and out-of-focus shots. You can also hit 0-5 to add your own star ratings or use a system of colour coding.

    PAGE 1: Making a Lightroom Library – 01 Stick in your memory card
    PAGE 2: Making a Lightroom Library – 02 Choose Import options
    PAGE 3: Making a Lightroom Library – 03 Pick your favourites
    PAGE 4: Making a Lightroom Library – 04 Make a collection
    PAGE 5: Making a Lightroom Library – 05 Quick tonal tweaks
    PAGE 6: Making a Lightroom Library – 06 Export the files


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