Lightroom Library: a common sense way of organizing your photos

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    Making a Lightroom Library: 02 Choose Import options

    Making a Lightroom Library: 02 Choose Import options

    In the Apply During Import panel, highlight the keywords box then type ‘swimwear’.

    Click Metadata and select New, then go to Copyright and type your name.

    In the Destination panel, check Into Subfolder, give the folder a name and choose the destination (by default Lightroom selects Pictures). Click Import.

    PAGE 1: Making a Lightroom Library – 01 Stick in your memory card
    PAGE 2: Making a Lightroom Library – 02 Choose Import options
    PAGE 3: Making a Lightroom Library – 03 Pick your favourites
    PAGE 4: Making a Lightroom Library – 04 Make a collection
    PAGE 5: Making a Lightroom Library – 05 Quick tonal tweaks
    PAGE 6: Making a Lightroom Library – 06 Export the files


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