Capture One Pro 7 review: should Phase One’s new software have Adobe worried?

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    Capture One Pro 7 Review – A user-friendly system

    Capture One Pro 7 Review - A user-friendly system

    The local adjustments are particularly powerful. They’re created on separate layers, each with its own mask, which can be applied with a brush tool or as a gradient.

    This system is simpler to understand and visualise than the equivalent tools in Adobe Camera Raw, and you can switch each Adjustment Layer’s visibility on and off as you judge the effect.

    Perhaps the biggest change in Capture One Pro 7, though, is the incorporation of image catalogues and search tools.

    Previously, this was handled by Phase One’s separate Media Pro application, but now you can create and work from catalogues entirely within Capture One.

    This puts Capture One Pro 7 in the same category as Adobe Lightroom 4 and Apple Aperture 3.4.3. All three now offer end-to-end photo management and editing tools.

    Aperture 3 is the outsider since it’s a Mac-only product and has fallen behind slightly for editing tools, but Capture One Pro 7 has become a strong Lightroom rival.

    It’s not there yet as it doesn’t support as many old or non-mainstream raw formats as Lightroom, it doesn’t have as many lens correction profiles and it doesn’t support ‘round trip’ editing in Photoshop.

    Phase One traditionally offers a cheaper ‘Express’ version with fewer features, but it’s being tight-lipped about when (or if) there will be an Express 7 (it’s currently at version 6).

    The sheer quality of Capture One Pro 7’s raw conversions, the increasing scope of its editing tools, the newly-integrated cataloguing features and the ever-improving DSLR tethering options are all stacking up.

    Once, Capture One Pro was a specialised tool for studio professionals; now its appeal is much broader.

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