Capture One Pro 7 review: should Phase One’s new software have Adobe worried?

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    Capture One Pro 7 Review – Editing highlights

    Capture One Pro 7 Review - Editing highlights

    Capture One Pro 7 has more in common with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Aperture (or Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw used together) than it has with Photoshop.

    All your editing adjustments are non-destructive and can be reversed or removed at any time in the future.

    When you want a permanently edited image, you process/export it as a new JPEG or TIFF file.

    The editing tools are arranged in a series of tabs, but these can be customised and combined so that you only see the tools you use regularly.

    They include three key adjustments that raw fans are starting to expect in their software – dynamic range control, lens corrections and localised adjustments.

    The dynamic range controls are straightforward but effective. You can use the Highlight slider to pull back over-exposed highlights and the Shadow slider to lighten dense shadows.

    They provide a really quick and realistic-looking solution to dynamic range problems, without excessive tonal compression or overcooked HDR effects.

    Previous versions of Capture One Pro have offered lens corrections for pro medium-format lenses, but version 7 supports around 100 Canon, Nikon and other SLR lenses too.

    The list isn’t as long as Adobe Camera Raw’s, or that of DxO Optics Pro, but hopefully it will get longer with time.

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