Color Theory: best color combinations for photography (and how to take it further)

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    Color Theory Tip 05 Taking it further – how lighting affects color

    Getting color to work isn’t just about picking the right shades; lighting is also crucial.

    Colors photographed under harsh sunlight will look very different to the same hues in soft indoor light, and the positioning of your light source is key to how colors are perceived, as our three shots demonstrate.

    In each position to the light the colors in our model’s scarf look very different.

    While front lighting shows colors accurately, back lighting mutes them into pastel shades and side lighting creates different contrasts. We took these in natural light, but the same principles apply to artificial lighting setups too.

    Color Theory Tip 05 Taking it further: front lighting

    Frontal Lighting
    Keeping the sun or other main light source directly behind you will show colors as we perceive them in real life, with all the tones uniformly and brightly lit, as we can see in this shot of our model’s rainbow scarf.


    Color Theory Tip 05 Taking it further: back lighting

    Back Lighting
    Back lighting, when you shoot into the sun, shows more muted versions of the colors in shot. In this photo, the soft, reflected light created a harmonious, romantic feel and the scarf’s colors are more subtle and toned down.


    Color Theory Tip 05 Taking it further: side lighting

    Side Lighting
    Side lighting your shot will create strong shadows on your subject and areas of contrast in the color palette. In our photo, the parts of the scarf that are in direct light show bright, color, while areas in shadow are darker.

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    Color Theory Tip 05 Taking it further – how lighting affects colour


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