Color Theory: best color combinations for photography (and how to take it further)

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    Color Theory Tip 04 Color clash

    Color Theory Tip 04 Color clash

    With any principle of ‘good’ photography, you sometimes need to break the rules, and color theory is no exception.

    Mix and match colors and see what effects you like – the more you experiment, the more you’ll realise what looks good and what just looks garish.

    In this portrait, the blue walls, green dress, purple shawl and yellow flowers shouldn’t work together, but by clashing them in soft light we’ve created a discordant but attractive rainbow effect.

    Check out Kuler for color inspiration- it’s a favourite with designers as it automatically matches different tones in complimenting color palettes.

    Color Theory Tip 01 A touch of color
    Color Theory Tip 02 Matching complementary colors
    Color Theory Tip 03 Shades of a single color
    Color Theory Tip 04 color clash
    Color Theory Tip 05 Taking it further – how lighting affects colour


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