Color Theory: best color combinations for photography (and how to take it further)

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    Color Theory Tip 03 Shades of a single color

    Color Theory Tip 03 Shades of a single color

    Colors can evoke very strong emotional reactions when we view them.

    Red, for example, symbolises passion and danger, while blue has an instantly calming effect.

    Play on the viewer’s feelings by creating a shot that uses multiple shades of only one color – our mix of shades of green creates a restful effect.

    Pick the right White Balance
    As our two portraits show, different White Balance settings drastically change a shot’s color palette. In our first photo, we’ve used the tungsten setting to tone down our model’s purple dress and impart a cooler mood to our portrait, while in the second we’ve kept the light natural for a warmer effect on the photo’s different shades.

    Color Theory Tip 01 A touch of color
    Color Theory Tip 02 Matching complementary colors
    Color Theory Tip 03 Shades of a single color
    Color Theory Tip 04 color clash
    Color Theory Tip 05 Taking it further – how lighting affects colour


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