Photography Lighting: how to take control of everything from natural light to flash

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    Shoot in the direction of light

    When you’re shooting into the light, the exposure you choose is absolutely critical to the final look of your shots. Here’s how it works…

    Shoot in the direction of light: step 1

    01 Avoiding flare
    A lens hood will help avoid flare if the light source is just outside the frame, but if it’s still affecting your shot you can try shading the front of the lens with your hand or a piece of card. Be careful to avoid it appearing in your shot though.


    Shoot in the direction of light: step 2

    02 Expose for a silhouette
    To expose for the background, and record the main subject as a silhouette, try using the Exposure Compensation feature to reduce the exposure. A setting of -1 will usually be enough to create a silhouette effect.


    Shoot in the direction of light: step 3

    03 Expose for the main subject
    If you want to capture more detail in the foreground subject you’ll need to increase the exposure. Use the Exposure Compensation feature, setting the indicator to +1. If it’s still too dark, try increasing the value to +2.

    PAGE 1: Understanding the character of light
    PAGE 2: How to control your photography lighting
    PAGE 3: Taking control of the light
    PAGE 4: Use a reflector to fill in the shadows
    PAGE 5: Using fill-in flash
    PAGE 6: Making the most of natural light
    PAGE 7: Predicting the natural light
    PAGE 8: Shoot in the direction of light
    PAGE 9 Exposing in low light
    PAGE 10: Shooting in twilight vs complete darkness
    PAGE 11: How to shoot handheld in low light
    PAGE 12: Why you might want to use flash
    PAGE 13: Soften the light from your flash
    PAGE 14: How to use flash triggers


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