Photography Lighting: how to take control of everything from natural light to flash

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    Use a reflector to fill in the shadows

    Use a reflector to fill in the shadows

    Without a reflector

    Another way to deal with contrast when shooting in bright sunshine is to add light into the shadows by using a reflector to bounce light back onto the subject.

    Unlike a diffuser, this doesn’t soften the light, instead it reduces the amount of contrast between the darkest and lightest areas of the subject.

    Simply position the reflector so that it’s on the opposite side to the light source, then adjust the angle of the reflector until the light from it fills in the shadows on the subject.

    Use a reflector to fill in the shadows

    With a reflector

    There are plenty of commercially available reflectors, in a range of sizes, but you can also use a piece of white card, or even make your own by covering card in silver or gold foil.

    Using different colours and materials will affect the results you get. For example, a white reflector will produce more subtle results than a highly reflective surface such as silver, while a gold reflector will add a warmer light to the shadows.

    PAGE 1: Understanding the character of light
    PAGE 2: How to control your photography lighting
    PAGE 3: Taking control of the light
    PAGE 4: Use a reflector to fill in the shadows
    PAGE 5: Using fill-in flash
    PAGE 6: Making the most of natural light
    PAGE 7: Predicting the natural light
    PAGE 8: Shoot in the direction of light
    PAGE 9 Exposing in low light
    PAGE 10: Shooting in twilight vs complete darkness
    PAGE 11: How to shoot handheld in low light
    PAGE 12: Why you might want to use flash
    PAGE 13: Soften the light from your flash
    PAGE 14: How to use flash triggers


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